Your Trading Mentor – Dave Johnson, CMT

David Johnson, CMT

“Dave Johnson is, hands down, the very best trainer, educator, coach and mentor that I have ever come across in my 50+ years as a student, technical trainer and consultant!”

“There is NOBODY, NO ONE like Dave Johnson. His trading style is the most duplicable as it is the most cut and dry, least emotional.
Dave consistently draws a following of fierce loyalty with us and it is getting stronger all the time. He has a very, very, very sincere love to teach us all and is constantly trying to teach just more insight, to take just one more question, etc.”

“Dave Johnson has made a tremendous impact on my trading and has been a positive force in my life. I continue to improve and am a better, more successful trader because of his mentoring.”

“Dave Johnson is the most sincere, hardest working teacher I know. He truly wants to help people.”

“Dave Johnson is one of the most skilled teachers I have encountered and, since higher education is my professional background, I have had a lot of exposure.”

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Dave Johnson has had an extensive career that has spanned over four decades in the financial industry and equities market. He is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and has taught thousands of traders and investors with his skills in quantitative and technical analysis.

As a mentor, Dave’s main goal has always been to offer the best of himself. His clear vision, empathetic nature, humor, excellent communication skills and his passion has been the trademark in the world of trade mentoring.

Dave is dedicated to the success of every trader, as can be testified to by thousands of traders who have learned from him. His authenticity has engendered trust and loyalty from those he has taught. His message has always been clear, “Take the complex in trading and simplify it for others so they can reach their goals and realize their expectations.”