About iBullyBear

iBullyBear.com - iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service

iBullyBear is an interactive Trade Mentoring Service designed to help the independent trader with a full menu of proven market strategies. It is presented inreal-time,” with actionable trading tactics while providing the trader with a clear picture of the daily market dynamics.”

For many traders, in today’s complex market, the experience of a consistent and successful trading plan has been elusive.

Traders have generally traded without a methodology, without discipline, and without an understanding of the market environment and themselves.

Many traders find themselves trading with emotion, which leads to impulsivity. They trade with perceptual biases, which produces flawed conclusions and leads them to incorrect, painful and costly trading decisions. The result is that trading becomes problematic for most traders.

iBullyBear’s Trade Mentoring Service provides substantial support to the trader by immersing them in trading activities with structured, hands-on, focused practice, and guided feedback. Intensive exposure to daily real-time trading accompanied with actionable trading tactics and guided feedback, greatly accelerates the pace of knowledge acquisition.

The service consists of teaching within the parameters of iBullyBear’s leading edge model,The Trader’s Skill Set.