iBullyBear’s Trade Mentoring Service

iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service

The Power of Focus

iBullyBear firmly believes in the power of focus in the trade mentoring process with an excellent “single trading mentor” in contrast to the concept of “many voices.”

Traders have discovered by sad experience that the “many voices” concept brings with it distraction, confusion, contradiction and cognitive dissonance. This adds to the trader’s challenge in trading the markets, leading to hesitation, anxiety and over trading. Trying to follow the “many talking heads,” leads a trader to underperformance. In contrast, the focused approach, with an excellent “single trading mentor,” can lead the trader with a clear vision on the exciting journey toward trading excellence.

The advantages of learning to trade through an “excellent trading mentor” are numerous. Originally, trading mentorship was built into the process of becoming a pit trader.

Seasoned and experienced traders would “overseetheir apprentice. The apprentice learned by “observing,” and then by “imitating,” and then by repeating.” Along the process, the mentor would review and assess their performance and then give their feedback. Thus, they became experts by immersing themselves in an activity with hands-on, structured, repetitive practice.

The single best way to shorten the learning curve in trading, is to find an excellent, qualified trading mentor and “learn hands-on through the trading mentor’s daily observations.” The trading mentor will illustrate and model” the trading process in order for the trader to “integrate” those observations into their own trading framework. It is important, that the trading mentor provide the trader with “regular market insights and updates and with a comprehensive “trading model” to guide them.


Why We Do What We Do
and How We Do What We Do!

iBullyBear’s Trade Mentoring Service is designed for the individual trader to acquire a “particular set of skills,” because successful trading is an “acquired skill.”

There are five key attributes that are absolutely essentialfor every trader to “master” for their trading success.


Five Key Attributes
Every Successful Trader Must Acquire

  • They must become an expert in observing “meaningful characteristics, features, components, aspects and patterns of market datathat other traders simply are not skilled at observing. While all traders might see the same market data, a successful trader perceives and processes that data differently from other traders. They recognize “meaningful market data configurations“ and “quicklygrasp the strategic implications on how to gauge the market.
  • They must gain a considerable amount of “organized domain knowledgein ways that reflect a deep understanding of the markets. Their domain knowledge is not simply a list of abstract market theories or propositions relative to trading, their knowledge is “organized around core market conceptsthat “guide their thinking.” These core concepts incorporate major “trading principlesthat are absolutely indispensable and fundamental to their trading plan, along with the rationale for how and why these trading principles apply to trading dynamics.
  • They must become an expert in “thought behavior conditioning.” Although they have gained a vast repertoire of domain knowledge, their thought behavior has become “conditioned.” They simply do not have to search through everything they know in order to find what is “relevant.” They have learned, through “thought conditioning“ how to “apply” what is relevant in the market. They “see” what is relevant, they know how to separate the important from the unimportant, and they readily act upon the important.
  • They must develop the concept of “fluent trading expression,” meaning they are able to retrieve important aspects of their trading knowledge with little or no effort. Their “trading expression has become “seamless, smooth, and coherent” as they navigate within the trading market framework.
  • They must acquire a multidimensional perspective that is extremely flexible and highly agile to the ever changing market conditions. They see the current market environment in “multiple dimensions and determine which provides an attractive opportunity consistent to their assessment framework.


Meaningful Characteristics and Patterns of Market Data
Organized Domain Knowledge
Thought Behavior Conditioning
Fluent Trading Expression
Flexibility in a Multidimensional Perspective


Successful traders must possess all five of these key attributes. Like a well-oiled machine, whose parts define the whole, possessing these key attributes have enabled successful traders with the ability to “envision and imagine trading ideas and concepts as rich mental images.” In essence, they have taught themselves how to think differently from other traders. This is “how they do it and “why they are able to do it.” They have used self-directed mental processes to grow themselves into successful traders.”


has integrated these precision
cutting edge concepts
into its Trade Mentoring program