iBullyBear’s Leading Edge Model – “The Trader’s Skill Set”

“The Trader’s Skill Set”

Trading is a specialized, learned skill that requires specialized training and development. Successful traders in the field of trading follow a “Structured Learning Processfor their skill development. Successful traders share these “common learning traits” in their pursuit for trading success, much like others in highly competitive fields including medicine, athletics, performing arts, and pilots. All of these performers, in their given field, are distinguished by the “structuring of their learning processes.” They have engaged in a level of “deliberate and systematic learning processes, coupled with continuous feedback observation, evaluation and assessment of their performance.”

iBullyBear’s Trader’s Skill Set,” is designed for enhancing a trader’s skill training in addition to cognitive and emotional development through intensive and systematic learning processes while providing them with continuous feedback on their practiced trading performance. This Structured Learning Process moves a trader quickly up the learning curve to becoming an elite trader.



“The Trader’s Skill Set” is developed through the following key components of our Structured Learning Process.”

Skill Assessment
Knowledge Acquisition
Review, Revise & Repeat

Skill Assessment

A personalized, in depth skill assessment of each trader is absolutely essential. Just as a physician needs to take time to understand a patient’s problems before they undertake the cure, a thorough assessment of each trader must precede the improvement. The assessment divulges what the trader is actually doing in their trading framework. It indicates what the trader’s strengths are, what weaknesses they have, and their currently held biases.

Knowledge Acquisition

Knowledge acquisition for a trader often lies at a level of difficulty just beyond the trader’s skill. A comprehensive model of trading competence is needed to help guide them. A training program with intensive exposure to trading techniques and practices that greatly accelerates the pace at which copying skills become routine is a must. Learning is enhanced as tasks are broken down into component pieces and worked on methodically. Segmentation of the trading process combined with concentrated rehearsal of each component element is the key to knowledge acquisition. This produces a steadily rising learning curve for the trader.


Dave takes his teaching to the next level by teaching us to “think like a trader”

“Dave Johnson has a remarkable skill for taking complex information
and making it easy to understand as it relates to trading…
While modeling a mentor is
a powerful way to learn, a student will never be successful on his own if he or she lacks
the ability to reason through a problem or, in our case a trade.

Dave not only serves as a masterful mentor to model, but he takes his teaching
to the next level by teaching us to think like a trader…
What you teach is practical and applicable. No one continually provides
sound trading education fundamentals the way he does.

If we had learned from Dave from the beginning we would be much
further along as traders than we are now… Now we have a conceptual framework
from which to put everything in perspective. Before we jumped from concept to concept
and were all over the place in our application. With the new conceptual framework
in place our understanding increased geometrically and things we ‘learned’ before
have taken on new meaning.”


Dave explains technical concepts in an easy to understand fashion

“Having been a successful business owner and CEO…
I have seen employees that are technically competent or have strong interpersonal skills,
but not both.

I am so impressed by Dave Johnson’s combination of technical skills, communication skills,
passion and ability to explain technical concepts in an easy to understand fashion.”


It’s a given. Repetition cements all learning. Structured practice, sustained over a period of time, delivers high-octane success. Small disciplines, repeated with consistency leads to great trading achievements.

All practice is not created equal. It’s not the quantity of the practice but the quality of the practice that is important for a trader to engage in. Expert level trading success is primarily the result of expert level trading practice. Expert level traders are made by immersing themselves in trading activities with structured, hands-on, repetitive practice. Thus, structured practice, sustained over time, is essential to success.


Dave is determined that each of us thoroughly understands all aspects of trading

“Dave Johnson is a stellar example of a ‘leave no student behind’ policy. He is determined that each of us
thoroughly understands all aspects of trading and he is willing to spend whatever time is necessary to reach
that end. He is not speedy, he is not full of glib razz-ma-tazz, and he doesn’t end his webinars in an hour
because he knows that to be successful traders, we need to learn more.

Dave is patient, straight forward, deeply and broadly knowledgeable, and inspiring. He sees what we need
to know, precisely where and why we go wrong, and he teaches us the missing pieces. And then,
he teaches us everything related to those pieces, so that we will truly understand them all.
unbelievably, if we need more, he does it all again.”


Because a trader’s self-examination as to their own trading record will most likely slant toward their own biases, an outside, unbiased evaluation of their trading is crucial. Every trader needs to know how to improve their trading performance. A trader must be consistently subjected to evaluation by their trading mentor. The evaluation process will reveal their strengths and weaknesses and any currently held biases. It has been said that “errors and oversights are portals of discovery.” Through the process of evaluation, oversights in practice trading are evaluated and assist in providing valuable lessons for the learning process.


Dave Johnson has a passion… to teach and ‘reach’ his students

“Dave Johnson has a passion… to teach and ‘reach’ his students. His willingness to share that
knowledge is a welcome change from most approaches in the world. His sincerity and caring
comes through loud and clear.


I have never met a better teacher than Dave Johnson, he is truly the best

“Not everyone is a great teacher even if they are good at what they do. It still takes skill,
kindness, patience, heart and a true understanding of the subject matter. I have never met
a better 
teacher than Dave Johnson, he is truly the best.” 

Review, Revise & Repeat

After the evaluation process, a trader must “course correct” to improve trading performance. They do this through the process of reviewing, revising, and repeating new acquired trading techniques and tactics. Traders must review what they have done, recognize what they have learned, identify where improvement is needed, and immediately focus on specific elements of their trading regime until they improve. Structured practice, feedback, and continuous mentorship accelerate the learning curve.


Dave is one of the finest mentors that I have come across in my life time

“I just want to say how much I have learned from Dave Johnson’s teaching and really
appreciate his generosity of his time and commitment and passion. He is one of the
finest mentors that I have come across in my life time, and Dave has taught me not
only about investing but also quite a few valuable life lessons.”

Dave Johnson is truly a master of his craft

“Dave Johnson is truly a master of his craft. He has the knowledge and experience
but is also a master at how to 
share that important message with others in
simplest terms.”

I really like Dave Johnson’s teaching style. One of the best I’ve seen.

“I really like Dave Johnson’s teaching style. One of the best I’ve seen. Very clear,
structured, very organized. He teaches the topic scientifically.”

Dave’s instruction…was nothing short of top level professionalism

 “We really connected through Dave Johnson’s training… His instruction and the manner
he used in its execution was nothing short of top level professionalism.”