Moving Forward To A Brighter Future

Successful trading doesn’t just happen. It’s planned. If you “fail to plan” in your trading, you will “plan to fail.” It’s that simple.

Experience has proven, that without an effective trading plan and the appropriate acquired knowledge, a trader will experience most of the following:

iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service
iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service

Lack of discipline
Failing to adapt to the market
Emotional trading
Getting distracted
Letting losses mount
Taking too much risk
Confusion in market movements
Fear of taking a losing trade
Feelings of anxiety and frustration
Letting profits turn into losses
Paralyzing self-doubt
A diminishing trading account


If you have found yourself experiencing any of these serious setbacks, you need to address them immediately. These issues will not correct themselves.


If you are finding yourself asking some of the following questions, you are not alone:


How do I know when to get out of a trade?
How do I stay focused?
How do I hold on to my profits when the market turns down?
How do I get the emotion out of my trading?
How do I stay on the right side of the market?
How do I gain more confidence in my trading?
How do I take my trading to the next level?

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“Now is the time to optimize your trading and take it to the next level!”

If you are tired of going it alone…
If you are ready for the “trial and error” trading to end…
If you want to take complete control of your trading…
If you are ready to supercharge your trading with specialized strategies…
If you are committed to trading with a winning edge in every trade…

Then Trade Mentoring with iBullyBear is the Solution for You!


iBullyBear’s Trade Mentoring Service
is an excellent way to consistently and dramatically
improve your trading performance!

iBullyBear is an annual subscription trade mentoring service taught by Dave Johnson, CMT.

Dave keynotes iBullyBear’s Leading Edge Model, “The Trader’s Skill Set,” which is developed through the following key components of theStructured Learning Process,” consisting of:

iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service
iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service

Skill Assessment
Knowledge Acquisition
Structured Practice
Review, Revise & Repeat

Your annual subscription will include:

  • A trader assessment to help establish a baseline of current trading skills
  • Ongoing trading evaluations
  • 1,000 Hours of live trade mentoring
  • Live interactive daily sessions for your trading questions
  • Real time market analysis that adapts to the changing market environment
  • High probability trade set-ups and case studies for your trading practice
  • Insights on how traders increase profits by understanding, interpreting and forecasting movements in the markets
  • How to position trades in the right markets at the right time
  • Learn detailed trading methods, including entries and exit strategies and proper placement of stops
  • Daily insights into price patterns, major reversals and continuation patterns, market timing, risk management techniques and critical shifts in momentum
  • Logical structure for building a dynamic trading plan that fits you and suggested rules for your trading plan
  • Objective insights into market internals, leading stocks, industries, and sectors and their relationship
  • Consistent flow of trading insights
  • Learn to navigate and focus on the important elements of the market
  • Access to webcast archives

…And much more!


iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service
iBullyBear Trade Mentoring Service

Now is the time to Unlock the Power of
“Trade Mentoring”
in your trading program!


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